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Why Your Opinions are Valuable for Qualitative ResearchFacebook-thinking about Focus group - Copy

What’s in a name, would not a product by any other name sell as well? Probably not. But that’s what qualitative research is for!

Our Focus Groups are Qualitative research. They are also a great opportunity for companies to get a more in-depth look at the opinions of individuals such as yourself!

Qualitative research goes beyond the numbers into the questions of why, what, and how. Questions like why you hold an opinion, what the opinion is, and how someone came to that opinion. A big part of the reason we host our focus groups is to see how you talk about a topic with other participants. It isn’t just about the opinions you hold but how you express them and how they change with the input of others. It allows us to foresee how you might talk about a product or service with your friends and how that in turn can influence how they might feel about it.

We often use qualitative research to explore processes or to guide product design or launch strategies. One example is focus groups where participants look at and give feedback on product packaging to influence the final product. This way our clients can avoid having a product design that no one would buy.

Qualitative research allows us to ask follow up questions to better understand your opinions and how they can help us improve. It is more of a conversation about ideas than a one-sided feedback (unlike with our surveys).

In essence, we do Qualitative research because we want to hear your opinions expressed in your words to make decisions. This allows our clients to take your input into account and foresee what will/will not work with their products and services.

Some types of qualitative research we may call you about include the following:

Focus Groups – Guided group discussions where people come together to share their opinions on a particular topic. This give companies an opportunity to receive feedback from individuals such as yourself and improve their products and services.

Online Focus Group and Web Panels – Guided group discussions where people complete activities online. This can include open-ended questions, video responses, polling, heat mapping, and discussion forums to share their opinions on a particular topic. Like with focus groups this gives companies the opportunity to receive direct feedback from consumers like you.

Mock Trials – A legal focus group where people come together to deliberate a legal issue and share their opinions often on an open court case. Mock trials allow legal teams to better prepare for their court cases by finding out how a jury may react by gathering your opinions.

One-on-one interviews – In person or telephone interviews where we ask questions to gather the opinions of an individual. Often we complete multiple interviews for one project. Like focus groups these are used to gather your opinions so a company can improve its products or services.

Audience Opinion Testing – Often completed in-person, we gather the opinions of an audience in the midst of or directly following their experience, while it is still fresh in their minds. This gives locations such as restaurants or concert venues an opportunity to find out how they can improve their service from people who have visited them.

Mystery Shopping – Participants pose as customers to interact with staff at pre-selected shops. This allows us to test areas of interest such as customer service. By using your eyes and ears the venues can find out where they can improve to help their employees and venues be the best they can be.

As you can see from this list, qualitative research varies. Sign up today to participate in paid research projects like the ones listed above!

Facebook-thinking about Focus group - Copy