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Market Research, What is it? and Why do we do it?

What do we do?

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The simple answer is market research, but in reality it’s much more complicated than that. In essence market research is about asking people out in the world what they think of something. The something can be a product, a service, an idea, anything really. The point is to understand how individuals, like yourself, will react to something (either positively or negatively).

We use market research to help companies get feedback from potential consumers. Sometimes people react well and the company moves forward with their projects. Sometimes reception is bad and the company saves money on a project doomed to failure.

By participating in market research you give direct feedback about products and services you, or people you know, may use. You have a real impact on a company’s decisions by doing nothing more than expressing your opinions. For all our research projects, company representatives review comments made by research participants. We share this information in an combined way that describes the interests and basic demographics of participants without any personally identifying information, in accordance with our privacy policy. This way companies can take your opinions in context and make decisions based on what you say. We provide these comments either in their written form or in the form of a video or audio recording. The form depends of if the project was a survey or a focus group/interview. But we always let you know if we're recording you.

While our primary office is located in Spokane, Washington (and that’s where we call you from) we have another office in Federal Way. Strategic Research has hosted hundreds of focus groups across Washington State, the Pacific Northwest, and Nationwide. We have held focus groups projects in Seattle, Bellingham, Wenatchee, the Tri-cities and more, and we have found participants for projects everywhere from Seattle to Connecticut.

But to make these focus groups and research projects work we need participants! To help us find people to take part when we have a focus group, we keep a list of past and future participants to reach out to when we have a project in your area. If you are not already on our list, sign up now!