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I've been invited to a Focus Group, Now What?

phone calls, emails, and reminders

So you answered our call, we asked you a bunch of questions, and now you’re signed up to be in one of our focus groups. But what does that mean for you? There are several steps between the initial phone call to qualify for the group and your actual group. Here's what you can expect:

1.We Add you to the Project

And send you a quick “Welcome to our research project” email. The only reason we wouldn't send this email is if we rescreen you (the next step) before we get a chance to send it out.

2.We Give You a Second Call

We call this a rescreen. During the rescreen call we re-ask you some questions from your original phone call and confirm your contact details so we can be sure we have all your information correct. This is an important part of the process for quality control and is required, so be sure to expect our call.

3.We Send Your Group Information

Only after we have talked to you again, for the rescreen call, do we send you your group information. This way we can be sure we have your correct contact information and that your group details will get to you. There is an exception when we are finding last minute additions to the group (often to replace people who have canceled on us). In these cases, we may send you your email immediately.

We always send you your group information by email (unless you don't have an email address). If time allows we also send it by paper mail. Please pay attention to this email and letter, it has any extra information you need to know about your group and a map to the group location.

4.We Confirm with You the Day before Your Group

The day before your group you will receive a reminder email from us. If you hit the green “I’ll be there!” button that is all we need from you. But if you don't, we give you a quick call to confirm that we can expect you.

5.We Text You?

We do have the capability to text you a reminder about your group. During your original interview, we should ask you if you want a text reminder. We confirm this preference during the rescreen as well. The text reminder goes out 2 hours before your group. If you change your mind you are welcome to call us to let us know. You can also reply with "Unsubscribe", "Quit", or "Stop" to opt-out of text messages from us.

6.You Show Up

When you arrive there should be someone there to greet you who will ask you to sign in. Often we also have little tents with your name on them, please take that, you will need it when you are in the group.

If we have any extra paperwork we need you to fill out we will also give you that during the sign in process. Once you’ve signed in and filled out any paperwork we have for you, you are free to enjoy any refreshments we provide. Then hang out and when we’re ready to move you into the focus group room, we’ll let you know.

Often we have our sign up station in a different room than where the actual focus group will take place. If this is the case we usually give you a few minute warning to use the restroom and grab any last snacks. This is also an excellent time to make any last phone calls or send any last texts. We do ask that you silence your phone for the actual group.

7.You Participate

When we move you into the group room we tell you how we want you seated (if any extra instructions are necessary). We also ask that you put the tent with your name on it (if seated at a table) so that it is facing the group moderator.

During the group, there are often people watching from another room. Groups are also always recorded. We ask that participants try not to speak over one another and give everyone their chance to talk.

8.We Pay You

After your group, you receive your incentive, often in an envelope we hand to you directly.

Inside your envelope, besides the cash, you’ll find a little card that says “Sign Up for research today.” You are already signed up, but we give you the little card so you can share the fun with your friends!

If you know of anyone who might want to sign up to participate in research with us, pass along the card. Otherwise, you are welcome to throw it away. Again, if you have already participated in a project with us we have you on our list. You don’t need to sign yourself up again.

9.We Send You a Thank You Email

If you show up on time to your group and sign in, we check you in so that we know that you came as promised. Everyone who gets checked in also gets an email thanking them for showing up. We also include a link to our about site so if you know anyone you would enjoy taking part in our research, you can tell them where to go!

10.We Keep You in Mind for Future Projects

Many people enjoy our groups and ask how they get on the list to do more. The answer is, if you have participated in a group with us, you already are on our list and we will keep you in mind!

However, many of our research projects have limitations on how recently you can have participated. We do keep track, and it may be awhile before we call you again.

And that’s all you need to know! If you’re signed up for one of our groups, we hope this helps and we are looking forward to seeing you. If you’re not signed up for a group, and not on our list to be contacted about groups, sign up today and maybe we’ll see you soon!