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Strategic Research Associates Focus Group locations are Federal Way and Spokane with projects across Washington.

Where do we do research? A more apt question might be where don’t we?

As a company based in the Pacific Northwest (specifically Washington State) most of the research we conduct is within the Northwest. But that doesn’t mean we can’t, won’t, or don’t do projects elsewhere.

We have recruited Canadians, New Yorkers, and even Floridians to participate in Surveys and Focus Groups with us – especially for projects that can be completed virtually or over the phone.

Typically our focus groups are in areas near us.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t stray outside of our trusted home range. While we have two professional focus group locations within Washington State we also recruit and host off-site focus groups in Oregon, Idaho, Montana and other regions multiple times a year.

Many focus groups are held at one of our two professional focus group locations. These professional research facilities include focus group and client rooms, one way glass, and integrated recording equipment and offer many of the comforts of home with easy access to materials the day of research. But even with our two Strategic Research managed facilities in Spokane and Federal Way, Washington is a big state and there are large areas of the state and Northwest that are not within easy travel distance to one of our research centers for research participants. In these cases, research is often held in public meeting spaces – whether it be a library, hotel, or casino; any place that has a couple meeting rooms will do.

Focus groups can be held in convention centers, hotels, bed and breakfasts, casinos, client facilities, other focus group locations – everywhere! Other than the type of facility we may use for an off-site group there isn’t much difference to our participants. You still get refreshments, are paid for your time, and a host is available to guide you. We even seat you the same way (usually around a big table). The only real difference is that unless we are hosting at another focus group facility it’s unlikely we’ll have a one-way mirror at our disposal (so you won’t be able to watch your reflection during the group).

When do we host focus groups at our locations and when do we host them off-site?

Well, if you live in Spokane, Stevens, Pend Oreille, Lincoln, or Kootenai Counties there is a good chance you will be invited to a focus group at our Spokane location. If you live in Pierce, King, Kitsap, Snohomish, or Thurston counties you’ll probably hear from our Federal Way location. That isn’t to say that if you live in these counties you couldn’t also be invited to an off-site focus group, but these are the people we talk to for focus groups at our locations. Everyone else is limited to off-site groups, which are just as fun as the groups we do at our facilities.

One of our most common off-site focus group locations is Seattle. The city has nearly countless spaces that can be used for focus groups and, as the most populated city in Washington, Seattle is an ideal place for market research.

Sometimes you can complete your research project from the comfort of your own home…

or wherever you happen to be. After all, you can take a phone call from anywhere. Often we will call people to participate in surveys, online or phone interviews. We also host online focus groups and web panel surveys, which are limited to where you have access to a computer, but still have the freedom of completion from your home. Online groups are particularly useful when our clients are asking us to talk to people from geographically diverse areas.

So where do we do research?
Everywhere! For some research we even stop people at an event or in a public place to complete a survey on location for whoever asked us to do the survey (like at the airport, or a public event). It all depends on the type of research. If you aren’t already on our list and want to be included in projects happening near you, sign up today.

Strategic Research Associates Focus Group locations are Federal Way and Spokane with projects across Washington.